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Summer Cleaning, Barrie, ON

Regardless of the reasons or tasks, contact us for all of your summer cleaning needs in Barrie.

Summer Cleaning in Barrie, Ontario
Summer is such a relaxing time of year.  In fact, it is probably the time that you want to just sit back and enjoy the days.  Into this idyllic reverie creeps the thought of other responsibilities that must be completed, even though summer is in full swing.  This includes things such as gardening, employment responsibilities, and even the dreaded summer cleaning projects.  If the thought of summer cleaning is putting a damper on your summertime fun in Barrie, Ontario, consider calling in our professionals to assist you in getting your summer cleaning done in record time.

At Sparkle Cleaning Services, we have ten years of experience in the cleaning business.  This means that we can assist you in keeping your home crisp, clean and pristine, even in the middle of the summer, when you are out of town for holidays or simply taking a staycation at home.  Regardless of the reasons or tasks, contact us for all of your summer cleaning needs in Barrie.  We promise to leave your home perfectly clean, while saving you the time of completing the various tasks yourself.  Not only that, but we promise that we will clean quickly, which will leave you with more time to enjoy the clean space.

Some of the most common summer cleaning tasks include:

  • Wiping down ceilings
  • Cleaning inside cabinets
  • Sweeping out the fireplace
  • Cleaning furniture
  • Vacuuming your mattresses
  • Wiping baseboards and mouldings
  • Washing windows

If the thought of having more time to enjoy your summer and less time to spend on summer cleaning is appealing to you, contact us today.  We will gladly assist you with all of your summer cleaning needs.

At Sparkle Cleaning Services, we offer high-quality summer cleaning services in Barrie, Bradford, Keswick, Newmarket, Aurora, Innisfil, and the Lake Simcoe area of Ontario.